You are fascinating

In the pre-pro phase, we meet, we ask lots of questions and with great depth, we identify your challenges, needs, and strengths. We take this understanding through our storytelling process which translates our thoughts and ideas into visual language.

You inspire us

What sets your experience with us apart from the rest is how we tell your story. We dive deep into the creative process and include your input along the way so it feels more collaborative than transactional. This phase involves script writing, storyboards, mood boards and shaping the ideas that move us forward into the production phase.


We are filmmakers and artists first, but we also understand business and brand goals. Listening to and collaborating with our clients allows us to creatively meet challenges and discover content solutions that not only satisfy board members, but audiences as well.


We’re talking about the ‘adventurous spirit’—those fearless and open enough to try something new, to get out of their comfort zone and explore the hidden paths. We’re especially drawn to this kind of exploration which is why we love to dive right in, get our hands dirty and capture it.

Voices of Humanity

The Voices of Humanity expedition made its way from South Africa to the top of Africa along the old Cape-to-Cairo route carrying the precious cargo of its various encounters along the way. 

A day in the life

A Day in the Life takes a closer look into the lives of the Zailab staff. In this episode, we discover what makes our dynamic Country Sales Manager, Cheima Ayyoub, such a powerhouse.

My inner journey to a brighter life

Short video created for the website of live coach, radio and TV-host Sandra Deakin