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Media Academy is based in Cape Town and offers exciting short video courses for everyone – from video enthusiasts to multimedia professionals.
Since 2009 we have trained more than 1000 people to create video for the web and television. Our clients include The Goethe Institute, Rhodes University, Bertha Foundation, United Nations, print and photo journalists who wanted to expand their skills and also complete amateurs with no prior experience at all.
Whatever your background is we have a course for you.

5 day Mobile Journalism Course

This course aims to inspire, instruct and empower those who want to work in the exploding field of mobile journalism. We will look at how modern storytelling can both break with conventions and constraints of traditional filmmaking, and rise above the amateurism of home-shot footage. We will look at how to maximise the power of video, taking you through planning, shooting and editing process involved in making compelling short films. No prior experience is required. At the end of five days, you will be able to create professional quality videos.

Course Content

Introduction in the main principles of video storytelling.

Thinking in pictures

The practicalities of good reporting

Story packaging, storytelling as a MoJo (mobile Journalist)

How to operate a smartphone camera and ancillary equipment.

Interview techniques.

Filming techniques.

Practical film exercises.

Introduction to non linear editing.

Editing personal story

Goethe Institute – Video Journalism training Yangon Myanmar

Flow Africa – Citizen Journalism training Piketberg,Kokstad

Philippi Village – MoJo training

Bozza & Durban Film Office – Content for Mobile

Zach Lager


Sibanyega Programs

“I had the privilege of working with Dom to coordinate a 3 month Mojo training connected with a community education and outreach project. Mobile phone journalism and video making is at the forefront of global changes in how we access information and learn about the world. The strength of the Mojo training is learning how to use our mobile phone as tools to create and share meaningful stories. Dom was an incredible facilitator who was able to progressively build up everyone in the group by not only teaching the foundational skills and the building blocks of film making, but also how to use those building blocks to creator powerful, professional and engaging stories. I would highly recommend Dom and the Mojo training for anyone interested in harnessing the power of film making for your personal interest or professional development!”

“I highly recommend Media Academy to aspiring filmmakers.Dominique Vandenhoudt taught my brother and I how to shoot, edit and produce short films using smart phones and clip on accessories.His teaching style was very pragmatic and effective, drawing on his many years of industry experience.By the end of the course, we had a sound grasp of theory, technology and practise and felt confident practising mobile journalism on a year-long cycling expedition that we later undertook.

Russell Galt


“I thought you might be encouraged to know how well my son, Jean-Marc is doing with the excellent training you gave him.

He is on an app called Tik Tok, has around 280K followers and has multiple videos with over 1 million views, and one over 16 million. Further, people now pay him to make videos for them. His videography skills are also used by our local church. So, thank you for the blessing you have been to our son. Your training gas given him the aan outlet where he now has the tools to immerse himself in a new world of creativity.

Charl Van Wyck

Dr.Luke Metelerkamp
Post-doctoral researcher at the Environmental Learning and Research centre at Rhodes University

“Our learning network in the rural Eastern Cape wanted to support citizen storytellers with mobile filmmaking training and we were refered to Dom by a colleague.Dom made time to understand our needs and took the trouble to support us in the course lead up.

Once in the class room, Dom’s knowledge and passion for mobile journalism was self- evident. Despite challenging working conditions he kept the group thoroughly engaged with a blend of theory and demanding practical assignments over the 5 days he spend with us.

It was a energising experiencing for us all!!

“Media Academy fills that much needed gap through offering videography training to individuals and groups who cannot sign up for full time year long tuition.

As a professional who worked with high profile European television channels, Dominique incorporates world class filming techniques and specialised software know how in an easy to follow approach. His teaching style speaks of genius communicated in layman’s term.

Media Academy changed my life! “

Thania Olivier

IT Project manager

“I attended a very stimulating course at Media Academy in 2010.My experience was useful and fun. I am not a video journalist and I have never the intention of becoming one but what I learned during my course has been successfully applied and of my live.”

Enrico de Agostini

Italian Consul General

“February 2013 was my first experience with Media Academy SA. What an experience it turned out to be.I had the opportunity of a hand on video content creation and production with Dominique, the Master Storyteller.Today I work with a team of Researchers and trainers, to train and impact students and graduates of agricultural science, to become Agri reporters (as video journalists) in Nigeria.

Thanks to Media Academy SA for the impact made. Really looking forward to more interactions in the months ahead.

Yomi Olujuyigbe


Thank you Dominique Vandenhoudt for the amazing work done at Philippi Village with our young people. You have inspired us and the youth from Philippi that they can become beacons of hope and storytellers in their own community. It has been such a refreshing journey to see young people excited to capture the stories around them. Keep on inspiring even more people. 

From Philippi Village and the 10 Mobile Journalists, we wish you all the best on your new journey. 


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